First 5 Steps to Planning A Wedding

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July 12, 2019
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How to Plan a Wedding the Right way

Did you recently get engaged? Are you starting to think about the wedding planning process? Does your to-do list keep on growing? We know planning a wedding can be stressful. It can become overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. But don’t worry! The Hall & Gardens at Landmark has provided 5 helpful steps to take to begin wedding planning!

5 Steps to begin Wedding Planning:

Step #1. Celebrate!

Before the planning commences, take a moment to celebrate! Take time to cherish the season of engagement. Party with your friends, toast with some champagne, and enjoy the moment!

We see so many couples (& I was one of them…) who skip the excitement of the engagement and go straight into planning. It is so easy to make excuses like, “there is so much to get done,” or “I have to book ___ first, then I can relax…” The truth is, there will always be something to check off your wedding planning to-do list. However, in the midst of the crazy planning, don’t forget to celebrate the season of life you’re stepping into & that starts with your engagement. 

Step #2. Set A Budget

Setting a budget is the first thing any newly engaged couple should do. Now, if you’re anything like me, the “b-word” (aka. budget) can feel like rain on your parade. However, a budget is not a bad thing when it comes to planning a wedding. Rather, it is there to help prioritize. When setting a budget, don’t guess how much things will cost. Set a fixed amount and maybe a little more as a “just in case” amount. Once you set your number, go out and shop around to find the best vendors, venues, and more in your price point. 

Our friend, Alexia, from Wiley Events Co., has a lot to say about how to set a wedding budget! You can check out her blog below.

Talking about money can be difficult. But, when it comes to your wedding budget, if you have open, honest conversations upfront with your partner and those helping to pay for your wedding, the whole money situation becomes less awkward.

How to Set a Wedding Budget

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Step #3. Come Up With A Guest Count

Creating your guest list can be a daunting task. Who do you invite? How many people are too many people? Do I include plus-ones? What is the right etiquette? There are so many things that go into your guest list, but it is something that has to get done. Your guest count is important for a couple of reasons. For one, it will help with vendor quotes and pricing. Secondly, it will help gauge which venues to look into. (Keep in mind, some venues have a maximum capacity, so make sure your guest count is within their limit). To start, we recommend asking both sides of the family to write up their personal list (i.e. Groom’s side & Bride’s side). From there, review it, edit it, and write it up again. Create a list that you feel is reasonable and includes all the ones you want to celebrate with! 

Step #4. What is Your Vision 

The vision of the day is imperative in planning your wedding. This will be what you come back to for every detail. Colors, ideas, and more all go into what you envision your special day to look like. Are you wanting to go more bold with vibrant colors? Or do you prefer a more muted organic style? Creating a mood board will help organize your vision and can be a great asset to your vendors. Check out some mood board examples below!

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Step. #5. Find Your Venue 

Lastly, find your venue! Your venue will be the space that perfectly defines your day! Find a venue that speaks to your vision, can hold your guest count, & that is something you love!

Wedding Portraits of couple at the Hall and Gardens at Landmark in Garner NC outdoor

The Gardens

Here at The Hall & Gardens at Landmark, we offer a stunning ballroom and an exquisite garden space to enjoy your day. Our outdoor space is a perfect backdrop for a garden-themed ceremony and timeless photographs. Our indoor ballroom is a large space set for an unforgettable celebration. In choosing a venue, go with a space that is stress-free, and can be the backdrop to your special day!

**Helpful tip: make sure your venue can accommodate your guest count and has a backup plan in case of rain!**

Planning a wedding will come with its ups and downs. We encourage you to take in every moment. Throughout your planning process, always remember to enjoy the season!

xoxo –

The Hall & Gardens at Landmark

The Hall & Gardens at Landmark is a premiere wedding and event venue located in Garner, NC. Set in a gorgeous French chateau-style venue with space for both a wedding ceremony and reception in European gardens or the grand ballroom. At Landmark, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our clients & couples throughout the wedding planning process including wedding coordination & event management. Learn more tips & tricks from our Landmark team here.