5 Tips for a Spring Wedding in Raleigh, NC

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5 Tips for a Spring Wedding in Raleigh, NC

5 Tips for a Spring Garden Wedding in Raleigh NC

Spring has sprung here in Raleigh & we at The Hall & Gardens at Landmark are loving it! Birds are chirping, flowers are blossoming, and the sun is shining… What more could we ask for?

Spring is one of our favorite seasons here at The Hall & Gardens at Landmark in Garner NC. Not only is it the kickstart to Wedding Season, but it is also the time where we get to see our outdoor gardens bloom to their full potential. Couples take advantage of this gorgeous weather and continue to surprise us in how they create our garden space into a one-of-a-kind event. So, we wanted to share 5 tips to help you plan a Spring Wedding in Raleigh.

#1. Floral Choices

From full centerpieces overflowing with greenery to peonies bundled up with care, springtime has the some of the best florals around. As a bride, the season your wedding is in can determine what type of blooms are available. For instance, if you are a December couple, but love ranunculus, you most likely will not be able to find them for a decent price (or at all). Thus, putting you into a situation of either spending more on florals or changing your flower option altogether. However, springtime offers a wide variety of flower options and they won’t break the bank either!

For our Landmark brides, we recommend researching the flowers available within their wedding season, then basing their bouquet style off of that. This will not only give them a clearer vision of what is available, but it will also save them money. If your wedding is outdoors, we advise taking advantage of the blooms around you. Landscaping can really add to your ambiance and bring color to your pictures. You will not have to focus as much on decor, as nature will do it for you! No matter the season, we highly recommend taking advantage of nature’s goodness. You won’t be disappointed how it turns out! Check out some of our Garner NC Wedding floral arrangements our brides have chosen in our outdoor Garden below!

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#2. Choosing a date

Some couples desire a specific date to get married, others not so much. But one thing is for sure, getting married on a major holiday can add a whole new level to the planning process. Thankfully, the spring only has a few holidays to be conscientious of: Easter, Mother’s Day, & Memorial Day.

Holidays can be a tricky wedding date, especially here in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. Come May, the local universities are getting prepared to send off their graduates, as well as balancing Mother’s Day popping up right around the corner. This can prove to be difficult for a number of reasons. Hotel accommodations, rehearsal dinner reservations, traffic, and more, are all factors to consider when selecting your date.

Beautiful Spring Wedding invitations with Blue and copper details

However, some spring holidays can work in your favor! For instance, Memorial Day weekend can be a perfect time to have a wedding. It is an official 3-day weekend for most of your guests, the majority of your families will be out of school, and it’s the kickstart to summer! What better way to celebrate your marriage than to enter into one of the best seasons of the year! No matter the season, we recommend choosing your date wisely so you and your guests are able to celebrate with the ease!

#3. Deciding on the color palette

Spring comes with gorgeous blooms, free weekends, and colors galore! It’s the perfect transition season which allows you to get away with any color scheme. When planning your wedding, the first thing a planner will ask is your color palette. This provides the planner and the couple an underlying theme to play off of. As the couple, you will use the color palette as a guide to florals, wedding party attire, rentals, and more. Spring offers a wide variety of colors that are undeniably beautiful and cohesive with the season.

Below are some of our personal favorites ranging from Rose Themed Weddings to Ivory and Powder Blue:

Raleigh NC Wedding Spring Color Pallettes at the Hall and Gardens at Landmark


#4. Unpredictable Weather

We all know the saying “April showers bring May flowers…” While it sometimes it can be true but don’t let that scare you away from the spring! There are only a couple of things to keep in mind while planning your Spring wedding in North Carolina: rain and hot weather.

Rain is an obvious factor to keep in mind while planning a wedding. It’s unpredictable and can cause major stress if you’re unprepared. However, rain doesn’t have to ruin your big day! Here at Landmark, we provide a rain plan that can still cater to your wedding plans. With our gorgeous gardens, the venue rental includes our stunning ballroom as well! This is a terrific “Plan B” if it looks like rain is on the horizon.

The heat in the Triangle area can sometimes be unbearable. In an instance of immense heat, you want to be courteous of your guests, wedding party, and even yourself. No one wants a bead of sweat running down their face in their wedding portraits. We suggest creating a “fan-like” program to ward off the heat, a water/beverage station prior to the ceremony, and the cocktail hour somewhere in shade or in air conditioning. The heat is something that you can work with, but must always be mindful of!

#5. Planning the menu

You wouldn’t think your food would be affected by the seasons, would you? It’s not so much the type of food as much as it is the display and taste of your food. Getting married in the spring brings a fresh, airy, and light feel to your guests. Feeding them foods that cater to those feelings, will make your guests (& your tummy) happy as can be!

Copper and Blue themed wedding at the Hall and Gardens at Landmark in Garner NC

We love this Copper and Blue themed Spring Wedding at Landmark

Your food can be one of the most critiqued aspects of your wedding. Having a caterer who not only provides excellent service but also an excellent menu is key. Here at The Hall & Garden at Landmark, we work with many amazing caters who all know how to “wow” their clients per the seasons. For instance, a charcuterie table is a great addition to your menu, but keep the weather in mind, as no one likes warm cheese and meats. A fresh green salad with a fresh fruity dressing is a terrific starter and will fill your guests. If you’re having a buffet, consider lighter options such as a chicken dish, fish or scallops, a rack of lamb, or even a wholesome veggie risotto. Talk your menu over with your caterer, ask their opinion on their seasonal fairs. Your food can be delicious, satisfying, and remind your guests of the beautiful season of spring!

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Your spring wedding can be a stunning event. Full of radiant blooms reflecting your spring color scheme, warm weather inviting your guests to enjoy stunning gardens, and fresh yet satisfying food to top off the night. Remember that most importantly your wedding is a reflection of your love and admiration for your partner and the celebration of that love, no matter the season!



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